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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Favorite Day

I mentioned that we just had a special guest at our home visiting.  Well my friend and her children stopped by for a few days and stayed with us.  We had a great time.  Our children played we talked and talked and talked.  We even got to visit a few thrift stores while she was here.  But, I have to say my favorite day was the day before she had to leave. 

We got to go to Scott's Antique Show.
I have lived here right at 6 years and had never gone.  It was perfect..
We got up nice and early.  Even after going to bed after 1am the previous night.
Yes, again talking, talking, talking.

 Can you say Rust!! Yes it was the best... We saw some awesome stuff.

 Even this 750.00 dollar Chicken Coop a sweet girl took our picture in front of.
Oh our husbands were lucky they put us on a budget.
Isn't it cute.

We did however score some deer antlers at a steal of a price.
Yep! First purchase of the day.
 We don't usually bump heads.
Even surprisingly after Amy took one for the team and carried this bad boy through the rest of the building.  Might I add there were plenty of comments on this one.
That chicken feeder proudly stretches the whole length of my dining table now.
With the understanding that the next time I go back I will get her one too.

I have to say it was my favorite day.
Most of all just being together.



barbara said...

I would love to see pictures of that "thing" on your dining table, please! Glad you girls had a good time.

Nicole said...

Where was the location of this particular market? I know they have big ones in Atlanta and Columbus.


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