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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chalkboard Wall


What about you?
This wall in between my foyer has had everything on it.
Do you have one of those walls in your house that you change all the time?
Well I tend to change things alot in my house sort of my hobby ,but this wall in particular has been a tough one. 
So a little chalkboard paint and here it is.


Happy New Years 2012

We are so excited about our New Years plans this year.
We are getting an opportunity to go to New Orleans to meet up
with my father-in-law. 
The kids are super excited and I can not wait to check out the food, architect and of course thrift stores...

I hope to come back with some great memories and some awesome finds.

Hope you have a safe and Happy New Years!

I don't know how this mushroom fits into my New Years post but
I love its simplicity which is what I am looking forward to this
coming 2012.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Picture Wall

Like everyone else I have been going crazy with Pinterest.
The fact that you can sit on the computer and feel like you have accomplished something is quiet impressive.  Making to do list left and right.
Well yesterday I started pinning some inspiration for all the family pictures and signs I have around my house that I love but have never felt that I have found the perfect spot for. The one below was my favorite wall I pinned on Pinterest.

This is were we started...
The boys TV room.

I cut Christmas wrapping paper the size of all the pictures and signs that I planned on hanging and pinned them to the wall in a pattern I thought would work well for the room.

 One by one the hanging process began.  Lots of measuring and leveling.
This is the end result...
What do you think?

Overall a quick project we tackled.  It was such a big
wall.  Now it has a big statement.
Our Family



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