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Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Boys..

I am a proud Mama of 3 beautiful boys.
God has blessed me with an amazing family.
Today we celebrate our twin boys 7th birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Numbers everywhere...

Most recently it seems like out and about shopping all things are getting numbered. I wonder if it is the sense that we all want to be organized? Well I started looking around my house. All I see are numbers. Here are a few of them.
In my kitchen..

Some pillows I made for my kids TV room.

The bar stools in my kitchen I stamped.

A goodwill find that I painted.

My boys bathroom organizer.

Some jars I embelished .

I am so bad about before and after pictures. I try and try to remember but that is definitely something I need to work on.

Have a blessed day!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dreaming and Planning a master bedroom redo

Let me start by saying we live in a town that does not have a mall. We have alot of outdoor shopping centers but not an actual mall. Well yesterday my husband kept the boys and I had a chance to spend the day with my girlfriends.

Lets just call it Mommy R.R.

Oh did we have fun.

We head north up the highway and visited all the places we just don't get to go to all the time. Home Goods, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn... Ugh it was like a day of inspiration refill. None of us spent alot of money but what a fun day. I don't know if I was exhausted the most from shopping sensory overload or all the laughter we shared.

Which leads us to today. We had a great morning at church. This afternoon I am sitting here not being able to get this blog I saw a week ago out of my head...
This master bedroom spoke to me and is obviously still speaking to me.

So this is when the planning takes place. I am going to head to the basement, closets, and garage to see what I can find to make that change. On a shoestring budget that is . I know I will have to buy some white spray paint but I will keep you posted.
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I heart windows

I don't know about you but there is nothing more lovely than an old chippy window. Well recently a friend mentioned she had a few windows that she was looking to get rid of and was I ("YES") interested in. The YES of course was one of those moments when I couldn't resist but had to interrupt. Thank you Judy! >>

I hung it in my dining room over a side table I had in there.

I previously had this print hanging above the table but I have to say

I heart windows.

Don't you?

Here is some more window inspiration

Photo courtesy


Thursday, August 12, 2010

mini clipboard from coasters

Well as most of you with children like me know, its time for "Back to School" and with that being said I too went back to work. I have the privilege to work at my church's preschool. What an amazing privilege to share the words of Gods grace with Jesus little lambs. This year I am the teacher for 12 amazing two year old children. With that being said, I do have an assistant that is AWESOME.
We are in our first week and I wanted to share with you something that one of the mommies made for me. I thought is was so special. With all the butterflies that the children have I know that the teachers have a little too. At the end of the day it made me smile.

I thought the idea was so cute. As I thanked the mommy and she told me what they were made of I decided to make them for my children's teachers too. So after work I ran over to Michael's and purchased only the binder clips and post its ( I was determined to use everything else that I already had in my craft room.)

Post its, binder clips, brads, Mod Podge

and these paper flowers that might look familiar because they were left over from my awaiting Easter post. Lastly but most importantly she told me that one of local restaurants Taco Mac had these long rectangle shaped coasters. So I asked the man if I could purchase a few and instead he just gave them to me. Sweeett!! Free!

So after rummaging my paper supply I traced the coaster, cut it out and began to Mod Podge it down.

I added a binder clip

Then paper flowers attached to the binder clip.

This is them after personalizing them.

Sending them in the morning with the boys.


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