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Friday, August 26, 2011


Here are some NO-SEW pumpkins I have been working on..

 Love this little guy..
Some how I forgot to take a picture of the corduroy one..
I already dropped them off at my booth so if he is
still around the next time I go I will take a picture.
Better yet, I will make some more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fluffing at my booth

I went over to my booth yesterday at the Vintage Flea to fluff.  I had sold a bench which I used to display my stuff on.  Therefore everything that was on it ended up on the floor.  So I brought a table there to display some stuff on.  The pictures are not so great because I forgot my camera and I had to use my phone.  My phone has been dropped multiple times and doesn't take the best pictures anymore. Any way this is what I came up with. 

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is what I have been up to

Back to school is approaching quickly.  Its the sudden panic of lets get everything organized in the house.  Well with that thought you know I have 3 boys.  While they are lucky to each be able to have there same room, we decided to move the twins beds into the same room and use the other room as a toy room.  Giving them that option they jumped on it.  Mostly since every chance they get they will sleep inn each others rooms on the hard floor just to be together. There nursery was in the same room together ,but once they hit about age 3 they would play instead of go to sleep so I separated them for my benefit and it worked out for us all.  It gave them a sense of individuality and me sanity.  Which says a lot. 
So where this is all going is.  Moving there beds into the same room meant a few things.  They have never had real bedroom suites.  A lot of mismatched finds.  So in order to create a unity we were on the hunt for matching bedding and matching headboards. 

Bedding from IKEA (it comes in red/white and green/white also)

Normally tortuous to my  children   3 boys is having to shop.  Yesterday was different.  We were on the hunt.  We had found matching bedding at IKEA (love that place).  So next was the headboards.  While I love to shop for bargains we headed to our Habitat for Humanities Restore in town.  Looking through all the doors I couldn't find the right one  two. They needed to match remember? We came across the shutters. Which there they were .  Plenty of  wide matching shutters.  A quick call to hubby to get the measurements of a twin and our decision was made.  Two shutters for each headboard at $10 a piece, meant 2 headboards for $40. Not bad.  Ended up even liking the color of them so no painting either. 
Still have alot of organizing  to merge and separate the rooms including painting the walls .  Pumpkin color goes great with navy blue but not the look were going for.  I will keep updating. 



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