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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dreaming and Planning a master bedroom redo

Let me start by saying we live in a town that does not have a mall. We have alot of outdoor shopping centers but not an actual mall. Well yesterday my husband kept the boys and I had a chance to spend the day with my girlfriends.

Lets just call it Mommy R.R.

Oh did we have fun.

We head north up the highway and visited all the places we just don't get to go to all the time. Home Goods, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn... Ugh it was like a day of inspiration refill. None of us spent alot of money but what a fun day. I don't know if I was exhausted the most from shopping sensory overload or all the laughter we shared.

Which leads us to today. We had a great morning at church. This afternoon I am sitting here not being able to get this blog I saw a week ago out of my head...
This master bedroom spoke to me and is obviously still speaking to me.

So this is when the planning takes place. I am going to head to the basement, closets, and garage to see what I can find to make that change. On a shoestring budget that is . I know I will have to buy some white spray paint but I will keep you posted.
Have a blessed day!

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Bring Pretty Back said...

It is amazing what we can find in the basement, closets and garage sales! Good luck and keep us posted!
What a fun day with your friends!
Have a pretty day!


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